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Renting a townhome is a practical option for many in Bloomington-Normal. You'll get to experience living in your own home without the long-term physical and financial commitments that come with it. YA Realty can help you find the perfect place to call home.

Our townhouses in Bloomington are often situated in nice and quiet locations. This makes a perfect setting to raise your children, or to concentrate on your studies if you’re attending any nearby schools. There are houses in Bloomington of different sizes to cater to different needs. 2-, 3-, or 4- bedroom houses are perfect for small families while 5- to 6-bedroom houses are available for larger groups. Click the button below to view the townhouses we have for rent.

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Traditional townhouse

The classic townhouse is one that typically has two or three houses lined up next to each other with shared walls. These properties may offer residents their own garage, a backyard and their own entrance. Property maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. Because homebuyers own both the land and the property on it, they can make any changes they want to it, as long as it complies with municipal, provincial and federal laws.

Stacked townhouse

A stacked townhouse setup involves two townhouses stacked on top of each other. They're a bit trendier and more common in some cities than others, since they provide owners a house-like atmosphere with two floors, but also the condominium management style with shared services. They also don’t need amenities such as hallways or lobbies, which means lower maintenance fees for residents.

Urban townhouse

With its urban neighbourhood location near transit and many amenities within close distance for residents, there's not much question where these units get their name. Many of the newer urban townhouse developments are taking inspiration from condos with modern architecture and design elements incorporated into the houses. Some even offer parking and private rooftop terraces or outdoor patios.

Townhouses VS Condos: What's The Difference?


Physically speaking, townhouses and condos are fairly similar, but they do have their distinct differences. Depending on financial circumstances and personal goals, a condo might make sense for one person and not another, and vice versa.

Townhouses, or townhomes, are individual houses that are placed side-by-side, where one or two walls of each house are shared between adjacent homes. Townhouses give the resident an experience more akin to owning a home, with greater freedom and control over the property. With that, a townhouse will generally have lower HOA and monthly maintenance fees, but its owners may have to pay more out of pocket for exterior and interior care. Owners own their unit’s interior and exterior, including the roof, lawn and driveway, but not the communal areas.

condominium, or condo, is a type of housing where the resident owns the interior of his unit, while a homeowner owns the larger property itself. As such, condos are setup much more like a mini-community. Because condo owners only own the interior of their unit, all other areas, including the building exterior, lawn and communal areas, are property of the Homeowners Association (HOA).

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When in search of townhouses in Bloomington, trust in Young America Realty to provide you with updated listings of available houses. The houses that we have in our listings are ready for occupancy and they are fully remodeled to look like new. Our houses in Bloomington have the usual features that you will love including wide front yards, heating and cooling systems, garages and parking amenities.

Young America Realty has been providing townhouses in Bloomington for more than 40 years. Our dedication in finding each of our clients a house that they love has kept us going all these years. We value great customer service by showing our clients the best houses in Bloomington. We want to make sure that the house you get is the one that you love.

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Young America promotes a healthy and well-rounded community. That's why we work hard to giving your quality housing, among our other real estate services:


If you need a personal living space, then we are the right people to help you.

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