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International Students | YA Realty

International Students
You got this!

We're Here For You


Congratulations on your courage to study in the United States, right here at Illinois State University! This is no small decision. And it will shape the course of your life for years to come!

Young America is the premier student housing company for Illinois State. And we have a special place in our hearts for international students like you, who arrive here with few friends and plenty of unknowns! That’s why we’ve developed this International Student Welcome Process to help students like you:

• pick the perfect rental to call home

• prepare to move to a new country

• know what to do and where to go when you arrive

• get your bearings on campus and in the community

With Chinny as your guide, we hope to make this major transition a bit easier for you. We care because Young America is more than just your rental company—we’re honored to be your first friends here on campus.

Your Friends at Young America


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International Student - Young America Testimonial

You might be feeling overwhelmed right now, and I know there’s so much to do, but let me encourage you: you’ve got this. I was exactly where you are when I first arrived—in an empty apartment, thousands of miles away from home, and not a clue what exactly to expect from this new path.

The very first thing I would say is don’t hesitate to always ask for help! You made a brave decision to travel to this new city to achieve your dreams. This may be your first time in this country and city, so it’s okay to ask.

Also, everyone at Young America Realty is so kind and ready to help with whatever you need. This welcome guide is just a start, to highlight a few things to help you get settled in your first days on campus.


Graduate Student from Nigeria

Your New Home


Now that you are here, we want to help you get settled into your apartment. Having a place to call home is so important!

Adjusting to a new apartment takes time for all students. It may take a bit longer for you since you are here from another country. That’s normal! But trust us—very soon, ISU campus and the Bloomington–Normal community will be familiar and start to feel more like home.

As you unpack today, be sure to review our student MOVE-IN GUIDE. It outlines information about your apartment such as parking spots, apartment keys, internet set-up, online apartment inspection (due in 3 days!), and being a good neighbor. Because U.S. culture will differ from yours, we wanted to highlight a few things about apartment living:

Our community is quite friendly but we tend to keep our doors and first-floor windows closed and locked at night and when leaving home. We recommend you make this your habit too.

Be sure to keep your belongings inside your apartment and deposit your trash directly into the dumpster in the parking lot.

Be gentle with everything in your apartment. You are responsible for any damage to floors, furniture, walls, doors, and appliances. And a well-kept apartment will qualify you for a larger portion of your security deposit at the end of the lease!

ISU International Student - Last Minute Preparation Tips

Be Prepared For The Weather

I’m not sure I can properly describe how cold it gets, but trust me, it’s brutal. You can’t have any part of your body exposed because it stings so much. You’ll wear layers and layers of clothes and puffy winter jackets and boots, and your skin will dry out—and the best part? It’ll get dark before 5 p.m. You have to be prepared because it comes quick—so start asking questions in late October about where to buy affordable winter clothes and accessories. The first snow is beautiful and exciting . . . but you’ll get over that quickly. Winter is weird— but trust me, you will survive, and you will be so happy when it’s spring.


Graduate Student from Nigeria

August - December
Avg High: 85° F / 30° C
Avg Low: 60° F / 16° C
December - April
Avg High: 50° F / 10° C
Avg Low: 0° F / -17° C
April - June
Avg High: 70° F / 22° C
Avg Low: 50° F / 10° C
June - August
Avg High: 85° F / 30° C
Avg Low: 60° F / 16° C

Your New Campus & Community


Once you are settled in your new apartment—and after you’ve rested!—you’ll want to venture out to campus and even around the greater Bloomington Normal community. Take several walks around campus to learn the buildings and landmarks. If you have your class schedule, you may want to walk the route from your apartment to your classes and back. Be sure to check out Uptown Normal. It’s a quaint area of shops and restaurants within walking distance, just east of campus.

You’ll want to see the rest of the community too: both Normal and Bloomington have many shopping areas, restaurants, grocery stores, and points of interest. Grab a fellow student and explore all your new community has to offer!


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Transportation Map
Transportation Map

Redbird Express offers campus service;  free with ISU ID. Click HERE to learn more about ISU's campus busing program, called "Redbird Ride."


Connect Transit offers community-wide service; free with ISU ID. Learn more online at


If you want to get a driver’s license, visit for requirements, fees, and the testing process.

Ride Sharing
Ride Sharing

You can also download an app like Uber or Lyft to request a ride anywhere for a small fee. Be sure to follow all the safety procedures recommended by these services.

Biking & Bike Sharing
Biking & Bike Sharing

Many students and residents bike around campus and the community—weather permitting, of course! Be sure to bike in designated lanes and to secure it with a lock at all bike racks.


You can also borrow a bike via the bike sharing program—learn more at

Congratulations! You made it to ISU!

Making New Friends


Food and friendships are essential to feeling at home here at ISU. In time you’ll find your favorite spots and people—until then, here are some tips. And please stop by to see your friends at the Young America office—we’re happy to answer questions and give advice!

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Office Closed

Our office will be closed Saturday, 31, 2022 through Monday, January 2, 2023.

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The Student Division office will be closed today for the Festival.

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COVID-19 Information

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Virtual Tours

We're here to help -- virtually!

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ISU is back and so are we!

Our student office will be re-opening to the public for 

apartment showings starting June, 13 at 11AM.

Dorm Exemptions:

ISU Students are able to apply for DORM exemptions! 


Open Leasing

2021-2022 Leasing Information


Open Leasing Information

Students, get 1/2 off your first rent payment!

Deal ends May 15th! Click Here

Super 2 Bedroom Units Are Ready To Lease!

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Student Renewals

Only 10 days left! Renew your lease now through Sept. 24 to get up to $400!

Winter Storm:


YA offices will be closed today, December 23rd through December 26th.  Please stay home and stay safe!

Summer Internship Opportunity

Summer Maintenance Internship

$18.00 per hour

Apply Here

Closing early 7/21!

We will be closing our offices at 3:30 PM on Thursday, July 21st. We will reopen at 8:30 AM on Friday, July 22nd! 

Student Department Fully Pre-Leased

YA Student Department is fully Pre-Leased for the 2022-23 school year. Please contact us for sublease opportunities. Open Leasing for 2023-2024 school year will be October 5th, 2022.

Student Office Closed 7/30

Our student office will be closed Saturday, July 30th due to the parking lot being resurfaced. We will re-open Monday, August 1st at 8:30 AM.

Festival YA 8/30

Join us at Festival YA!

Tuesday, August 30th from 11am-3pm

216 W. Mulberry (Kensington Suites)

Giveaways include: Bears Tickets, Cubs Tickets, Harry Styles Tickets, and more!

Front Office Closed 8/30!

Our student office will be closed to the public on Tuesday, August 30th for Festival YA!

Please contact our office by phone at 309-454-2338.

Come join us at 216 W. Mulberry! (Kensington Suites)

Last day to renew!

Today is the last day to exclusively renew your unit for the 2023-24 school year. After today, your unit could be signed for by others!

Come in today to renew your apartment, PLUS receive your choice of renewal incentive!*


*offer valid for student properties only

Contact us at 309-454-2338, or [email protected], for more information.

Transfer Days 10/3-10/4

Through Tuesday, October 4th, current YA residents have the exclusive opportunity to transfer to another YA property for the 2023-24 school year!*

*offer valid for student properties only

Open-Leasing is here!

Leasing is now open to the general public!


Contact us today to set up a tour!


309-454-2338 or [email protected]

Security Deposit Special!


Get $200 off your security deposit!* (Residential units only)


*offer valid for approved applicants who move in prior to 12/22/2022

New Apartment Community!

Harvest View Apartment Community


2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Units with internet included!


Call 309-454-2338 for more information,

or visit the community page at

Payments Starting/Ending!

For those who have lease payments ENDING April 1st, 2023, view the link below for information on how to stop your autopayments prior to April 1st, 2023.

Stop Auto Payments


For those who have lease payments STARTING April 1st, 2023, view the document below on how to set up auto payments or make a one-time payment.

Set Up Payments


Contact our customer service team with questions at [email protected], or by phone at 309-454-2338 x 502!

Harvest View Security Deposit Special!

Get $500 off of your security deposit if you move in by March 31st, 2023!*

Harvest View Apartment Community


*offer valid for approved applicants with no conditions. 

*offer only applies to Harvest View Apartment Community (1780 Putnam Avenue).

Parking Sales Start Wednesday!

Parking Spot sales begin on Wednesday, April 5th at 8:30 AM!


Parking Spot Information


Spots will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. See the link above for more info!