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Renters Insurance FAQ

Renters insurance is necessary to help protect residents in the event of loss. This includes, but is not limited to: Fire, Flood, Weather Damage, etc. For more information on which events are covered by renters insurance, we advise you to speak with an insurance professional.

Option 1: Book a renters insurance policy through the insurance carrier of your choice.

  • Cost varies depending on provider and the amount of coverage desired.
  • Personal Property is covered in the event of loss (up to amount stated in policy).
  • IMPORTANT: This policy may not cover the building deductible, which could result in resident's being responsible to pay the property insurance deductible (up to $25,000). Please provide your insurance provider with the requirements listed in the Renters Insurance Agreement (pages 6-7) prior to signing up for coverage. This will ensure that all requirements are met.
  • This policy must remain in place through your lease term, and residents are required to provide proof of coverage through their AppFolio Resident Portal.
  • How to upload personal coverage.


Option 2: Sign up for renters insurance through FolioGuard™.

  • Cost varies depending on property and amount of coverage desired.
    • Minimum Plan (lowest tier)
    • Standard Plan (middle tier)
    • Premium Plan (highest tier)
  • Personal property is covered in the event of loss (up to amount stated in policy).
  • The minimum plan covers property loss up to $100,000 and covers the property insurance deductible (up to $25,000). This plan will meet the requirements stated in the Renters Insurance Agreement.
  • Proof of coverage is automatically submitted to Young America upon registration.
  • How to register for FolioGuard™ coverage


Option 3: Be automatically enrolled in a Landlord Liability Insurance Program "LLIP"

  • Residents who do not provide proof of coverage through one of the options listed above will be automatically enrolled in this plan.
  • Cost is $12.50/month (as of Janaury 1, 2024. subject to change). $10.50/month for coverage, plus, a $2.00/month processing and handling fee.
  • Personal property is NOT covered in this plan.
  • This plan covers use of loss on the property up to $100,000, and it will cover the property insurance deductible (up to $25,000). 
  • Charges for this plan will show up on the residents account ledger each month as two charges. One charge for the $9.50 coverage, and $2.00 for the admin processing and handling fee.


The specific things covered under renters insurance varies from policy to policy. For more information on what is covered under your renters insurance policy, please speak with your insurance company, or refer to your policy for more information.


Be advised that renters insurance does not cover general damage done to the unit. Renters insurance only covers loss due to a major event, such as, a fire, flood, etc. 

Although the property is covered by the owners property insurance, one, your personal property is not covered. Two, if the resident is found to be at fault, residents could be responsible for paying the building deductible, as well as costs of repairs inside of the unit.

FolioGuard™ is insurance coverage provided through our property management system AppFolio. Upon registering, the policy information will be automatically submitted to Young America.


For information on how to sign up for FolioGuard™, please click the link below!


Signing Up For FolioGuard™

If you would like to obtain Renters Insurance through a 3rd party company, you are free to do so! We would advise you to ensure the policy meets the requirements mentioned in Renters Insurance Agreement (pages 6-7) signed with the lease.


Examples of 3rd Party Insurance:

  • State Farm
  • Country Financial
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Lemonade
  • Nationwide


Follow the link below to see how to submit your renters insurance policy!


Upload your 3rd Party Insurance Policy

LLIP is short for the Landlord Liability Insurance Program. Residents who have not provided proof of renters insurance to Young America are auto-enrolled into this program. In the event of loss, this program will cover the building insurance deductible, and residents will not be responsible for covering that cost out of pocket. However, this program does not cover residents personal belongings. 


Residents will be charged $12.50/month (as of 1/1/24. Rates subject to change) for this policy, and this will show as two seperate charges on the resident's ledger. One charge of $10.50 and another charge of $2.00 for the admin processing and handling fee. 

We advise getting a renters insurance policy that covers the specified apartment. While the homeowners policy may cover the apartment, it may not meet the needs stated in the Renters Insurance Agreement. This could result in the residents being responsible for costs associated with loss. Such as, the building deductible and loss of use costs.


If you choose to use a parents homeowner's policy, please be sure that all of the requirements stated in the Renters Insurance Agreement (pages 6-7). If you have questions on whether or not you have met the requirements, please speak with your insurance agent.

No, Young America should not be listed as an additonal insurer.


However, Young America Realty should be listed as a Certificate Holder, or an additional interest party.

2023 Student Move Out Information

Unless your lease states otherwise, move out is May 13th, 2023!

All keys must be returned to our office no later than 12:00 PM.


 Please click the link below for more information!


Student Move Out Information

Early Move In Information

Early Move In Day will occur on Monday, May 15th 2023 at the Circus Room in the Bone Student Center!


Please click the link below for more information!


Early Move In Information

24 Hours Left to Apply!

All Early Move In applications must be submitted by Friday, May 5th at 12:00 PM!


To download the EMI application, please click below, or, stop by our office!


Download EMI Form

Student Move In Occurs 6/7!

Student Move In will occur on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023!

(12 payment leases only)


Click the link below for more information!

Student Move In

Front Street Living

Bloomington's Premier Downtown Living


201 E. Front Street


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Festival YA is Today!



Join us in celebrating the return to campus at Kensington Suites (216 W. Mulberry) from 11-3!


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Festival YA Coming Soon...

Join us on Tuesday, August 29th from 11AM-3PM at Kensington Suites (216 W. Mulberry) for Festival YA!


We will be giving away TONS of prizes, including... $750 CASH. 


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Renewal Period Is Here!

From September 1st to September 21st, Young America residents have the exclusive opportunity to renew their apartment for the 2024-25 school year!


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Open Leasing Coming Soon!

Leasing for the 2024-25 school year will open to the general public on Wednesday, October 4th!


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Offices Closed 11/23-11/25

Our Student and Residential offices will be closed Thursday, November 23rd through Saturday, November 25th for the holiday. We will re-open on Monday, November 29th at 8:30am!

Security Deposit Special!

$300 off your security deposit!*


*offer valid for approved applicants with no conditions. Must move in by 2/23/24.

Emergency Maintenance

With extreme cold expected today and throughout the week, please call 309-823-0179 if you are in need of emergency maintenance.


For all non-emergency maintenance, please login to your resident portal and submit a maintenance request.

Welcome Transfer Students!

Young America wishes you the best of luck as you start your new journey at ISU!


Please call 309-454-2338, or email [email protected], if you are still in need of housing for the 2024-25 school year!

Move Out is This Saturday!



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Early Move In Key Pickup

Early Move In key pickup begins today at the Bone Student Center!

Keys will be available to pick up from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM!


For Current YA Residents, keys can be picked up starting at 8:30 AM. For NEW YA Residents, keys can be picked up starting at 10:30 AM.

Move In Information

If you took an Early Move In, please be sure that you have submitted your Move In Inspection.


To submit your move in inspection, please click the button below!


2024 Move In Inspection

June 4th Move In

June Move-In will occur on Tuesday, June 4th at our student office located at 311 S. Main Street, Normal, IL.

Please refer to your 24-25 lease to verfiy your move in date.