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Spring Breakin' On A Budget
Feb. 24th 2020 at 8:45 AM   |  Liv

Spring break brings some of the best memories for college students. You get to be with your life-long friends for the week, go to an exciting place, and have a quick gap in the semester. However, we as college students are also broke as a joke. So, how is it possible to enjoy your time without spending all the little amount of money you have? 



1. Split the cost of your place you stay at as much as you can.

No one said a four person room has to stay a four person room. Trivago is a website that will compare these prices to all other surrounding places in the area. Bring an air mattress, ask for a cot, or sleep on the couch. It may not alway be ideal, but your bank account will thank you later. 


2. If you are flying, compare flights to get the best one. ALSO fly on the less busy days.

Websites such as Expedia pull flight from all different companies and give you the best combination for the best prices. There are also certain days that are cheaper to fly such as the middle of the week. Usually the prices will show the different combinations of these days so you can weigh that option. 


3. PB&J’s won’t kill ya.

Ok, you don’t actually have to eat a PB&J, but to ball on a budget I wouldn’t suggest eating out every night. If you can grocery shop for at least breakfast and lunch, that will save you quite a few pennies. I’m not saying never go out to eat, but it’s just the cheaper alternative. 


4. Share a luggage with a friend if you are going on a flight.

Airfare companies sometimes charge you for each bag you bring. If you can condense your stuff into a bag with someone else while still staying under the weight limit that would be a smart move. 


5. Squeeze as many people in a car and split the gas.

Flights might not be your thing or you can truly save more if you just drive. This is usually true. If it’s a far drive, put as many people in one car that is comfortable and take turns driving. You won’t have to stop as much and everyone can pitch in on the cost of the gas. Once it’s broken down, you really won’t have too high of a transportation cost. It will be easier to get around your destination rather than getting a rental.


Wherever you go, enjoy every moment of it.
Wherever you go, enjoy every moment of it. You will have these wonderful memories to look back on for the rest of your life. Your present self might be wanting to save money, but your future self won’t remember how much you spent. Go for the experience, and have FUN!


Happy Spring Break festivities, 


Leasing Agent Liv

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