How much is the security deposit?
  • Luxury Suites - $160 per person
  • Houses - $160 per person
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - $160 per person
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - $160 per person
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - $160 per person
  • 1 bedroom or Studio - $300 per person
What will I need to sign the lease?
  • Security Deposit
  • Non-refundable Service Fee ($100 for 2017-2018 Leases)
  • ID/License
  • 50% of roommates
What is the Service Fee?
  • A non-refundable one- time fee used to cover processing costs the first time you begin to rent with Young America.  This fee is $100 for 2019-2020 Leases
How does the all-inclusive utility work?
  • Each apartment has an allowance for the term of the lease. Quarterly statements are sent out letting residents know how much they have spent to that point. Anything that is used over the allotted amount residents are responsible for paying.
How many keys does each apartment receive?
  • Each roommate will receive one key on move-in day for the apartment and each apartment will receive one mailbox key.
  • Some apartments will also receive a security door key or elevator key, if applicable.
  • If locked out of the apartment during business hours a resident can call the office and a YA agent will unlock your apartment at no cost. Outside business hours a resident will need to contact their emergency maintenance number. 
Can I have pets in my building?
  • The ONLY properties that allow pets are 102 E. Cypress, 701 N. Fell, 410 N. Main, and 917 W. Market. CATS and DOGS are the only species permitted. All residents who have a pet are required to pay a $500 pet fee, complete a pet permit, and meet all other conditions of the pet permit.
How do I obtain Renters Insurance?
  • Any insurance company provides renters insurance. Cost will depend on the amount of coverage. Tenants may want to talk to parents about adding on home owners insurance.
Late Fees?
  • Payments are due the 1stof each month but there is a 5 day grace period. On the 6thday a late fee (10% of the payment amount) will be applied.
What is the process for subleasing?
  • To obtain a sublease, it is recommended that the resident should post the opening as many places as possible (Craigslist, Facebook, etc.)
  • If you come in or call the office you can fill out a subleasing form with your information and that will be posted to the Young America website.
  • Once a sublease is found- There is a $200 dollar subleasing fee (to be paid by current tenant or subleasee)
  • BOTH parties need to come to the office and fill out a Sublease Agreement saying all payments will be transferred to the subleasee, the dates payments will transfer and move-in date.
  • Subleasee will need to bring a security deposit and service fee and ID when they come to sign onto the lease.
  • Current residents security deposit will be returned within 30 to 40 days after the LEASE IS TERMINATED not after the person subleasing takes over.
How do I schedule a showing and where do we meet?
  • You can call or come into the office to schedule a showing. They can be scheduled between 11am to 4:30pm Mon.-Fri. and 11am to 2:30pm on Saturdays.
  •  You can come to the office to meet a leasing agent who will lead the showing and take you to the properties.
How long will a showing take?
  • Usually showings take a half hour but agents can work with your schedule.
What is the joint rental responsibility?
  • When signing onto a joint lease all parties are liable for each other’s payments unless all parent guarantee forms are signed and turned in.
What is a parent guarantee form?
  • Parent guardian guarantee forms are sent home to a parent or guardian when a lease is signed. Each form must be signed and turned in to lessen the liability of the resident if a roommate fails to make payments on the lease. The forms must be received from ALL roommates or they are void.
What is a WE-FIND agreement?
  • If a person is looking to live in a certain property but does not have enough roommates to fill the apartment Young America offers a WE-FIND agreement that will place other customers who are in need of roommates. Note- Lessee does not have the option of choosing roommates or amount of roommates placed in the apartment.
Is the property I want still available?
  • If you have questions regarding the availability of a property you can check the website which is updated frequently or call the office where we will be happy to assist you.
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