910-912 W Hovey Ave, Normal

* Photos and floorplans shown may not represent all units within the building. * Additionally, any furnishings shown may not represent the specific furnishings included with the unit, if any.

* All pricing shown is per person pricing. Additional pricing may apply to for additional occupants. * A utility allowance is included in the price shown unless otherwise stated. Utilities are NOT unlimited. * Number of monthly payments for a lease may not match the term of the lease (number of months of occupancy).

Apartment Features

New Construction for 2016


True loft floorplans living

Granite Counters

City style design with exceptional ammenities

4 bedroom 4.5 bathroom

Two townhouse floorplans to choose from

Some units with 2 car private garages

Some units with enormous loft style layouts

Huge spacious floorplans

Exceptional location (walking distance)

50" Flat Screen TV provided

Ammenites and style to exceed your expectations

Queen Size Beds

Other Details



Utility Allowance includes: E, W, G, I

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