Broadway Street Townhomes, Normal

* Photos and floorplans shown may not represent all units within the building. * Additionally, any furnishings shown may not represent the specific furnishings included with the unit, if any.

* All pricing shown is per person pricing. Additional pricing may apply to for additional occupants. * A utility allowance is included in the price shown unless otherwise stated. Utilities are NOT unlimited. * Number of monthly payments for a lease may not match the term of the lease (number of months of occupancy).

Apartment Features

Broadway st Townhomes. 4 bedroom/4.5 bathroom luxury townhomes, over 2000sq ft making it one of the biggest townhouses on campus.  Awesome location, close to uptown normal and very close to campus .  If you like space and ammenites ( who doesn't) then take a showing in this unit and you will love it


  • Modern kitchens with island seating
  • Includes a dishwasher and tons of cabinet space!
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Washer/Dryer provided
  • Great living room with sectional couches and TV provided
  • LARGE bedrooms with private bathrooms (no more sharing)
  • Guest Bathroom (4.5 baths total!)
  • Ceiling fans throughout
  • High Speed Internet
  • All inclusive leases
Other Details

Utility Allowance includes: E, W, I

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