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The Fight Against Breast Cancer

I was absolutely certain that my wife’s mammogram and biopsy last December would amount to nothing more than a false alarm.  Nobody gets breast cancer at age 34.  They’re just ruling it out. 

Wrong.  Some people do get breast cancer at age 34; and my wife Ashley is one of them. 

So we’ve spent the majority of this year traveling all over, learning about the disease, learning the limits of today’s available treatments, participating in a clinical study for a new drug, and undergoing surgery.  We’ve just begun her chemo treatment process, and …

3 Things to Remember About Lease Signing

This time of year, a lot of commotion surrounds the leasing process.  ISU has an early leasing season, called open leasing, which begins October 1st this year for the general public.  Even Illinois State has cautioned students about being certain before signing a lease, which honestly, is very good advice. 

Here are specifics that Illinois State University has cautioned about:

1 ) Housing does not run out in October, so you will not be left homeless if you do not sign a lease early.

This is correct, but some buildings do lease within the first day or two …