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Early Move In

Posted April 19th 2016 @ 8:45 AM by Allison Normand

For the convenience of our tenants, Young America offers early move in. Why take a month off of campus and throw all your things in an overpriced storage rental if you don’t have to? Early move in is the same day as move out,  May 7th, and the process is simple:

1. Each resident must make TWO rent payments (April and May). Regardless of whether each resident on the lease is moving in, every resident must make the payments prior to submitting the form.

2. Sign and submit the form. You cand find the form either online ( or by coming into our office and picking one up. The deadline to turn the form in is May 4th.

3. Once you have all signatures and two payments made, come into out office and pick up early move in pass. 

4. Early move in starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 7th. The line forms early! You must have your pass with you on the 7th in order to pick up keys. 

     * You MUST have written permission to pick up keys for someone else. To do so, email [email protected] The email should state "I ___________ give permission to ____________ to pick up keys for ________________." Attach a photo of your license to this email. This person must have your pass with them.

By agreeing to early move in, you will also be agreeing to accept all responsibility for cleaning the apartment. Since move out is May 7th at noon and early move in begins May 7th at 1:00PM, there is simply not adequate time to go through and clean all early move in units.

For more information, refer to the link above.