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Getting Ready for Move-Out

Posted March 5th 2015 @ 10:20 AM by Gina Mazzaferri

Things to Think About When Moving Out Of Your Apartment:

As May quickly approaches, if you haven't resigned for your current apartment or signed for a new place, then you will soon be moving out! This is a process that I've never loved, as I always end up leaving with more items than I arrived with, carrying boxes that are much too heavy for me, and asking for help from the neighbors across the hall. Hopefully moving out for you will be easier than it is for me, but if not here are some helpful hints and tools to keep in mind before you start packing up!

1) Make sure you have enough vehicles to transport all of your stuff

Nothing is worse than when you can't fit everything in your car and you struggle to make more room than there actually is.  Make sure you have help from your parents, siblings or friends, if you need it to ensure that nothing gets left behind.

2) Take down everything off of your wall at least 2 weeks prior to moving out

A lot of people I know, including myself, wait to do this until the day you're leaving but more often than not, you end up having more wall decorations than you anticipated. If your decorations left holes or gouges in the wall, it is generally best NOT to try to touch those up yourself.  Small nail holes may need nothing done, and our maintenance department can probably fix the holes better, and at the lowest cost.  Often people repairing their own drywall holes create larger problems for our maintenance than fixing the original, because they often need to re-work the entire area of the wall.  

3) Clean, clean and clean some more!

Young America will hire a company to do a simple clean on your apartment prior to the next tenants moving in, however, anything more than a simple clean will be your cost as the resident moving out.  Your lease calls for you to leave your apartment in a clean condition, suitable for immediate move-in by the next resident.  So before you leave, make sure your apartment looks just as it did when you moved in! Clean out all of the food in your fridge, vacuum the floors, make the bathroom sparkle….okay maybe not sparkle but at least take a Clorox wipe to the sinks and other frequently used surfaces 

4) Take home items and clothes home over Spring Break, or the next time you go home.

If you haven't used or worn something in over a month or so, help the moving out process by taking things home early if possible. I promise you, you will not need that oversized futon, winter clothes, or your DVD/book collection in April or May. You'll thank yourself later while packing your car and realizing that there is about 50 pounds less than your parents expected you to have!

5) Pack your clothes last!

Not only am I suggesting this because you probably will be doing laundry during that last week living in your apartment, but also because you need something to wear during that week and I can probably guess many of you (guys) will not plan ahead for that! Check to make sure you have enough suitcases or duffle bags for all of the clothes you brought to school and the ones you acquired over the year. Don't just stuff clothes in a garbage bag because it's a waste of space, the bag could rip and your clothes will get wrinkled. Fold them nicely in suitcases to utilize the most space!

Good luck ISU students! I hope your packing experience is easy breezy and if you have any other ideas to make the process smoother, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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