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Emergency Maintenance

Posted August 16th 2014 @ 2:30 PM by Dylan B.

What this difference between a "routine maintenance" request and an "EMERGENCY maintenance" request?

From firsthand experience, I completely understand there are few things worse than having a maintenance issue with your apartment; whether something as minor as an issue with the satellite TV provided, to water coming through your ceiling, and everything in between. Maintenance issues, no matter how minor, are headaches that directly affect your life, and we’re here to help!  Now, there are a few ways to resolve your issues, but the first thing to do is classify whether it is considered an “emergency maintenance” order or not. Now, as I said, I know it may feel like even the smallest thing may fall under emergency maintenance, but there are few issues that actually fall under this category. Emergency Maintenance issues are as listed:

  • Any broken exterior locks, windows, or doors
  • Gas (any odor indicating a gas leak or line break)
  • Loss of electric power
  • Water supply issues that could affect the cost of your water bill (Running toilets, for example)
  • Any water damage or leak issues (Wet spots in the ceiling or the flooring indicating free flowing water)
  • Heat issues (Especially with the winter season upon us)
  • Any real life emergency situations should be reported to local municipalities (Fire and any criminal activity)

All maintenance emergency requests can be filed through calling (309) 823-0179

All other maintenance issues can be done on-line through your Young America Propertyware portal. You can reach the portal through  If you have not logged in yet, or have forgotten your password, we can reset your password for you! Just call the office and let one of our Leasing Agents know you are having issues logging into your portal. Once logged in, there is a “service request” tab; click that, provide your apartment information, and a brief message regarding your maintenance request.  Using the on-line system is the most efficient way to resolve any issue or request, but, if a computer is not available to you, you can call the office and one of our Leasing Agents can file one for you.   

Maintenance requests made through your portal or through our emergency call system are given work order numbers and are tracked through to completion.  So please use these systems rather than calling the office or grabbing the next maintenance person you find at your building.

I hope you found this information helpful.  We will do our best to complete all your future service requests in a timely fashion!

Dylan Becker

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