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Use & Care of the Premises

Posted May 9th 2014 @ 3:15 PM by Elise W.

Use and Care of the Premises

When signing a lease, it is always encouraged for each and every member signing to carefully read over and understand the terms of the lease before signing. Sometimes it can be hard to understand the legal jargon within a lease causing many students/tenants to either skip over reading it completely or to misunderstand the interpretation of the lease. I’ve decided to break down each and every section under the “use and care of the premises” section of the lease and put it into layman’s terms so that each and every prospective tenant can understand completely and thoroughly what they’re signing onto.

REMEMBER:        LESSEE = Tenant(s)          LESSOR = Young America Realty

  • Said premises shall be used by LESSEE solely for residential purposes. Further, LESSEE shall not permit any unlawful or immoral practices to be committed upon the premises, nor use the premises for any purpose nor in any manner that will increase the insurance rate thereon. Further, the use of the premises by LESSEE shall be in a manner consistent with the rights of other residents of said building in accordance with any Federal, State or Local laws or ordinances and so as not to cause undue disturbance. LESSEE will not allow any other persons to occupy said premises hereby rented for more than three days during the term of the lease. LESSEE shall be responsible for the actions of their guests. LESSOR shall not be responsible for the actions of other tenants or their guests.

-Basically, use your apartment/house for what it’s meant for, a living space. Don’t start a business or sell items or services out of it and don’t commit any actions that are seen as unlawful according to Federal, State, or Local laws within your apartment/house.

-Use the apartment/house in a way that respects the rights of the tenants or neighbors living around/next to you.

-Any guests staying within the apartment/house should remain “guests” and should be staying for no longer than 3 days.

-Finally, you are responsible for your actions and your guests’ actions.

  • Each LESSEE shall be entitled to occupy one bedroom each in the Unit; if there are less signatories to this lease than bedrooms available in the Unit, then those open bedrooms shall remain empty until such time as any additional LESSEES filling the remaining bedrooms shall be approved and added to the lease by LESSOR and who shall be of the same sex as all of the other LESSEES in the Unit. However, if this is designated a “LESSOR FIND” lease then LESSOR shall have the option of choosing residents to fill the Unit to its maximum capacity.

-Basically, if you sign your lease you are either signing in two situations: either you are signing for responsibility of all the bedrooms on the lease which is called a joint lease OR you are signing for responsibility of only yourself and to be placed with roommates which is called an individual lease. This clause states that in a joint lease, if there are enough signatures on the lease to complete the number of bedrooms in the apartment then each tenants is allowed 1 bedroom. If it is a joint lease but the tenant has not yet had all bedrooms accounted for with signatures on the lease, then each signed tenant is allowed 1 bedroom, but the number of signatures empty on the lease should equal the amount of bedrooms empty in the apartment.  If it is an individual lease, then the same concept follows as far as each tenant being allotted 1 bedroom and any accompanying empty signatures on the lease should equate to equal empty bedrooms in the apartment.

-You are on a joint lease with everyone listed at the top of page 1 of your lease.  

-Young America Realty is also a “non co-ed” property management company which means that an apartment or house should have tenants residing in them all of the same gender. This also means that if a tenant is on an individual lease and being placed with roommates, they will be placed with roommates of their same gender.

  • Upon discovery, LESSEE shall call maintenance to report running toilets or water leaks and broken air conditioning units.

-This means that if you see any of the above problems (running toilets, water leaking, or broken air conditioning units) you must either call our office directly (309-454-2338) or our emergency maintenance line (309-823-0179) to report the issue so that it doesn’t escalate in severity.

  • LESSEE shall not run the air conditioning or heat with the windows and/or doors open, or leave lights on continually.

-You are responsible for your utilities, even though an allowance for them is included in your lease.  Any excess consumption will turn up in the amount deducted from your allowance and any excess will be billed to your account.  

  • Without limiting the activities or uses otherwise prohibited by this Lease, the following activities are specifically prohibited:

-Some key rules and regulations to be aware of when signing a lease and when living in your new Young America home. 

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