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The Pet Friendly Process

Posted November 8th 2013 @ 7:40 AM by Kelsey Bishop

What is a Pet Addendum?  What does it entail?

A pet addendum for Young America Realty is a permit for a resident to obtain a pet legally within the unit they have signed for.  Cats and Dogs are the only pets permitted. It is a contract that will be signed by the resident saying that they agree to all of the terms and conditions of having a pet within a Young America building and by the witnessing leasing agent.  It is important to remember that only select buildings are pet friendly, and eligible for you to keep a pet in your apartment.  Information that will be needed is as follows:

  • Description of the pet: color, size, breed, and weight
  • Say cheese! A photo of the pet will be required, make it a good one!
  • Signature of the resident and agent witness

Along with filling out the pet addendum, there will be a $300 non-refundable fee that will take care of any damages that may occur while such pet is living within the unit. An addendum is required for each individual pet that will be living in the unit signed for.


Pets vs. ADA Animals:

ADA animals are allowed in buildings that are not considered pet friendly, only when proof that the animal has been trained to meet the disability of the resident. Documentation from a doctor on the disability of the resident is also required.  Keep in mind, you must demonstrate how the animal has been trained to assist with this specific disability. 


Limitations within the Addendum:

There is a weight limit within the pet addendum that will be strictly kept unless otherwise approved by management staff. The animal may not be over 35 lbs. in weight. If the animal is to be a cat, the cat must have its front claws removed along with it being neutered or spayed. There are no breeds that are excluded to the pet addendum as long as they meet the weight requirements!


For more information on pet friendly properties or questions about the addendum please feel free to contact a Young America Agent at:

  • 309-454-2338
  • [email protected] 
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