Young America Blog » February 2015

Maintenance Process

One thing I love about Young America is their maintenance. When we need something to be fixed or have problems with common wear and tear it's so easy to log onto our portal and submit a maintenance request. I have never had a problem that was not taken care of quickly and effectively. But when putting in a maintenance request or calling in for emergency maintenance it is important to remember that you may not be the only one with issues needing service. Maintenance issues are taken care of by severity of the issue. For instance, in the dead of …

Group Discounts

I love a good discount, but then again, who doesn’t?

That’s why signing with Young America was one of the best decisions of my college career. I was able to receive 5% off of my monthly rent due to our RSO Discount Program.  This program is fairly new for Young America, and we want to spread the word to you!

Any RSO at ISU or IWU can qualify for the Young America Group Discount Program. However, in order to receive the discount, 50% of your unit must contain prospective tenants that are on the RSO roster.

The breakdown goes like …

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