Young America Blog » October 2013

The Parent Guarantee Form

What Is a Parent Guarantee Form?

When I started working at Young America I had no idea what a parent guarantee form was, I assumed it was just some sheet of paper that your parents signed to help you out financially. Little did I know that it had a much bigger purpose than that. The Parent Guarantee Form (or “PG Form”) gets sent home to your parents or guardians once the lease you sign gets processed. Since it is mandatory this year, they are expected to fill out the form and send it back to the office so we can …

How Do Inclusive Utilities Work?

How do inclusive utilities work at Young America Realty?
Young America offers the convenience of including a utility allowance into rent payments so tenants can avoid the hassle of paying separate bills every month!  I've personally heard horror stories about roommates trying to collect money every first of the month for water, electric, internet, etc.  What a nightmare! 

What is ACTUALLY included?
Gas (if there is gas service to the building)
**And even Satellite Television at certain locations!!
For me, cable isn't really a "make it or break it" item because …

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