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Important Questions to Ask When Looking to Rent a New Place

Important Questions to Ask When Looking to Rent a New Place

There are so many questions to ask before signing a rental agreement that many renters find the process overwhelming. Asking these important questions in the beginning can help put the renter and the landlord on the same page. These standard questions can help renters and landlords establish a clear understanding of expectations and amenities at a standard apartment or rental home. 

Questions About Rent

Renters typically pay for their apartment once a month. Rent checks are typically sent to a PO box, management office or accounting …

Tips for Utilities

“Unlimited” vs. “All-Inclusive” or “Green Cap”

Residents with inclusive utilities should remember that although your utilities are paid by Young America, your included energy allowance is not unlimited.  You have an allowance as part of your lease.  Young America does not control utility rates or the consumption behavior of our residents..  If your utility bills for the year exceed your allowance, you will be billed for the excess

Tips for Saving Energy:

  • In the summer months, the air conditioner's thermostat should not be set any lower than 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Likewise, the settings should not be any higher than …
Our Fav. Local Restaurants for Date Night




Our Fav. Local Restaurants for Date Night

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday this year, we are sure everyone is looking for somewhere nearby campus to spend a special night, with their special someone! Although Bloomington may not be your destination of choice for a romantic evening, there are a lot of hidden gem restaurants that many may not know about!

Anju Above

If you and your date have trouble settling on a place to eat because you both are always craving …

New Year's Resolutions

As soon as the countdown is finished, people begin spouting off how they’re going to change in the 

upcoming year. We all know the person who has about fifteen resolutions and is completely confident

that they will follow through with every single one of them. Or the person who is wise in picking just one

resolution, but has already failed at it at least once or maybe twice. And of course, there’s always the

person who claims they don’t believe in resolutions because “they are just always bettering

themselves”. Regardless, of …

Move-Out Cleaning Tips

Summer is quickly approaching and in order to avoid charges, we have come up with are some move-out cleaning tips: 

Focus on one room at a time 

  • In the living room: 
  • Clean windows, blinds, and ceiling fans
  • Vacuum carpet
  • In the kitchen: 
  • Clean the refrigerator (but do NOT unplug it), microwave, burners, oven and 
  • Mop floor 
  • Empty out refrigerator, shelves, drawers
  • In each bedroom: 
  • Clean windows, blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures …
Early Move In

For the convenience of our tenants, Young America offers early move in. Why take a month off of campus and throw all your things in an overpriced storage rental if you don’t have to? Early move in is the same day as move out,  May 7th, and the process is simple:

1. Each resident must make TWO rent payments (April and May). Regardless of whether each resident on the lease is moving in, every resident must make the payments prior to submitting the form.

2. Sign and submit the form. You cand find the form either online ( or …

Sold Parking Spots

How to Get an Additional Parking Spot for the 2016/2017 School Year

Step 1: Discuss with roommates who is going to purchase the spot.

  • It could be each roommate and split the cost.
  • Or just one roommate to reserve the spot.

Step 2: Come into the office and we will make you aware of which spots in which lots are closest to your residence.

Step 3: Purchasing the Spot

  • There are multiple payment options including: Check, Money Order, Cash, and Card (+$7.50).
Refer a Friend Program

Young America has an exciting offer for you. We are bringing back the “Refer a Friend” offer. You will get $100 for everyone you refer to Young America that signs a new student  lease. See the rules below:

  • Incentive available only to current/future Young America residents (sorry, IL real estate law governs this).
  • Current/future residents must refer prospects to a current, past or future apartment complex (IL real estate law governs this).
  • Necessary “Refer a Friend” paperwork needs to be filled out. This paperwork is available in the office.
  • You and your referral/friend must be present together at lease …
Future Resident Febuary - Smart watch raffle

Young America is offering a chance to win a smart watch. Here is how to be eligible for this opportunity.

  1. Sign a new lease in the student department for the 16/17 lease term.
  2. Post a photo to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Tag Young America and use the hashtag #YARtheBest.
  3. Get a raffle ticket and write your name and phone number on the ticket.


After you have completed the following steps you are eligible to win. The winner will be picked March 1st. Winner will be able to pick the watch of their choice with a $500 budget.

The Fight Against Breast Cancer

I was absolutely certain that my wife’s mammogram and biopsy last December would amount to nothing more than a false alarm.  Nobody gets breast cancer at age 34.  They’re just ruling it out. 

Wrong.  Some people do get breast cancer at age 34; and my wife Ashley is one of them. 

So we’ve spent the majority of this year traveling all over, learning about the disease, learning the limits of today’s available treatments, participating in a clinical study for a new drug, and undergoing surgery.  We’ve just begun her chemo treatment process, and …

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