4 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

4 Bedroom Apartments for Rent


4 Bedroom Apartments for Rent


Moving out of a residential hall and into your first college apartment is a momentous occasion that requires a lot of preparation. Instead of living in a small, shared room that already contains your bed, study area, and living area, you will be living in a space where all these places are in separate rooms. In addition, you will have a larger space where you can receive guests such as friends and family in a better capacity than having them in your cramped dorm room. Furthermore, you'll have more freedom about what goes in your apartment. You can decorate it according to your preferences and without the restrictions by the residence authority in your college. You can move in with your own furniture to have a homier atmosphere.


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Reasons for Renting a 4-bedroom ApartmentWhy Choose a 4-bedroom Apartment?


A 4-bedroom apartment is a perfect choice if you value space and living conditions. An apartment of this size can give you the flexibility that you need in terms of options on what to do with the extra rooms. If you have one friend or roommate in mind, then you can have two extra rooms for any purpose you may have. You can use one as a study room and another as a guest room for when visitors need to stay for the night. If there are three of you sharing the apartment, a 4-bedroom space can provide an extra room for exercise equipment, storage, or other purposes. Furthermore, having a 4-bedroom apartment shared by four friends can result in the maximum floor space for the least amount of money per person. That is, you can get added comfort and space for the same amount that you would pay for a single-bedroom apartment.


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Young America Realty has beautiful 4-bedroom apartments ready to be leased to college students looking for a great home to stay in while they study. For example, our property at 103 N. Orr, Normal IL is a large four bedroom townhouse with two baths and a furnished basement. It also has its own carport that can be used for free by tenants. The apartment features a large patio balcony where occupants can hang out on a nice day or evening. It also has a breakfast bar with stools, a dishwasher, mini blinds, microwave, and central air conditioning. Gas heating is used in this apartment, which has an on-site coin laundry facility. The apartment has its own private entrance and is close to ISU and shopping centers.


Another beautiful 4-bedroom apartment is our property at 211 Saratoga in Normal IL. This house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, featuring a 2-car garage for the tenant's vehicles. This apartment has a deck and a fenced-in yard where students can spend their time in on a nice afternoon. Appliances included in the apartment are a dishwasher, a washer, and a dryer. This apartment has gas heating and central air conditioning. It also has an indoor sauna, which is a great feature for relaxation.


Finally, our bi-level property at 707 Chester in Normal IL is a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom accommodation that has a 2-car garage, central air conditioning, and a finished basement living room. It also has a patio balcony and a large fenced backyard. Furthermore, the house features a bar in the basement for when you want to relax with a drink after a busy day. The apartment comes with a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and phone and cable jacks in every bedroom. The property is close to State Farm, ISU, and shopping centers.


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Young America Realty is trusted by students and residents of Bloomington and Normal IL to provide quality apartments that will suit their needs. We offer the broadest selections of apartment types so that you can find one that matches your requirements. Voted as the Best Place to Live for 7 years in a row, our company exists to exceed the expectations of our clients. With excellent customer service skills, our staff can address your needs so that you can live comfortably and conveniently.


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